Volunteers are the Life Force Behind a Film Festival.

We are looking for talented, enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to plan, promote, and produce events and support our guests year-round and during the Festival (September 22 -September 25). These team positions require a commitment of a minimum of 15 hours and two days a week.

Business Development Professionals Wanted Sponsor Development Team

The Sponsor Development Team maintains corporate relationships and reaches out to festival sponsors. They assist sponsors with their passes and ticket vouchers. They manage the location and presentation of sponsorship materials at event venues per requests and specifications listed in the contracts.

Whether it’s working in theater operations, answering ticketing questions or setting up Q&A panel discussions, volunteers help bring this world-class cinematic event to life.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old on the date they register. Scroll down for the application form to fill out.


We are seeking volunteer photographers for the 2020 GEORGIA LATINO FILM FESTIVAL. If you’re looking to gain experience in a unique event atmosphere.



Responsible for getting people seated so we start on time. If reserved seating is used for certain movies, must make sure seat markers are not taken or moved. Guide people to their seats, provide directions for water, rest rooms. Help cleanup, take out trash. At direction of Venue Manager, can release seats before movie starts.


Stand at entrance to the lobby and ensure that pass holders and ticket holders are admitted according to their priority when doors open. After all pass holders have been admitted and a count of open seats taken, the Ticket Taker will sell Standby Tickets (cash only). Ticket Taker will be responsible for filling out attendance form for each movie and reconciling cash to Venue Manager. Remaining calm when all around appear to be in chaos is essential. Multi-tasking skills invaluable.


Standing next to Ticket Taker, uses a clicker to count the number of pass holders admitted and Standby Tickets sold. Might not sound like much, but this task is actually critical to GALFF efforts to secure grants for the following year as we are always asked to document our attendance figures. It’s much tougher than it sounds to keep an accurate count in the swell of the crowd. Attention to detail and ability to see the big picture value of this task helpful in this position.


Trained team of volunteers needed to assist the festival’s ticketing needs at the box office during the festival, and relaying information to festival-goers. Maintain a secure environment. Cash handling experience, attention to detail, and a helpful, customer service attitude are essential. Responsible for selling items GALFF has decided to make available to festival-goers. Keep merchandise table/display neat and attractive, restocking items as needed. Maintain a secure environment. Prior retail sales experience a plus. Will sweep film venues twice daily to pick up cash and ballots.


Teams needed for various events throughout the festival to move materials from one site to another, pick up beverages and distribute to festival venues. Can you lift 25 pounds?

Have a truck, too? You’re our person!


Credentials – Assemble passes; distribute via one external location pre -festival on 2-3 days.

Gift bags – Assemble gift bags for VIPs, etc.

Office Support: Provide off-site phone coverage and general office assistance in the week leading up to Festival. Must be able to communicate a smile over the phone line. (This task is still being defined.)

*** As festival plans are still evolving, some of the descriptions above may change.

Volunteer Application

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