La Voz Del Silencio


La Voz del Silencio “, a unique story, not only about the events of a tragic day but about the current panorama one year after the earthquake of 2017 .

Resilience is the capacity of adaptation of a living being in front of a disturbing agent or adverse situation, a quality that the Mexicans demonstrated to possess and that transforms several citizens into superheroes of flesh and blood. The film is a documentary directed by the musician and composer Jorge Uruchurtu , who captured the stories from the mouths of its protagonists to expose the scars that this catastrophe left in society.

Through the inspiring and challenging testimonies of Sergio Beltrán (creator of Verified 19S ), Rod Herediaand Ismael Villegas (rescuers), Daniel Moreno (Editor in Chief of Animal Politico ) and Olivia Domínguez ( anthropologist and victim ), the film guides the viewer on a journey of introspection, making an observation about the premature self-satisfaction that was experienced after the earthquake and the effect of forgetting that accompanies the passage of time, while continuing to applaud the massive effort and collective memory.

Movie Details

➤  Category: Documentary
?  Director: Jorge Uruchurtu Gomez
  Time: 80 min.
  Year: 2018
?  Country: Mexico
  Language: Spanish w/ English Subtitles
?  Type: Feature


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