olivieroBeing a Director is simply my way of being happy in life. I enjoy creating something from zero

The Director Gonzalo Oliveró was born in Barcelona, Spain. At 14 he saw The Godfather and since then decided that he would devote his life to cinema. At 16 he became obsessed with Kubrick and started collecting films. “For me, directing is my life, it is what I have centered all my efforts on since I was a teenager, and I continue to do so. I enjoy working, more than being on vacation. It is what fulfills me, it is my passion and my hobby. So, for me, being a Director is simply my way of being happy in life” he confessed.

His career began in Spain. He currently lives in Mexico, where he has been directing for the Latin American and the Hispanic market in the U.S., together with Shooters Films, for the last five years. “For me, Shooters Films is like a family, Mau and Gerard are not my producers, they are like my parents and my friends. It is an ambitious production company that is rapidly growing in the market and is very enthusiastic about doing many things. For a Director it is essential to have support as big as this. A Director cannot grow if he doesn’t have a firm and determined bet from a production company. And for me, to be able to work with them is a true pleasure, they are betting strongly on me and I am tremendously grateful” he said.

At the age of 34, he is recognized as one of the three best Directors in the country. “I arrived at Mexico because of many coincidences in life. It was actually a strong bet, since I left almost everything I had in Spain and gave my life a 180º shift. My first two years here were very hard. I can almost say that all I had was a bed and my dog. I have to thank many people for supporting me -especially my producers- and for allowing me to be part of their work. For me, Mexico is the best country where I have filmed, and I have in many countries around the world” he added.

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Oliveró is also represented in Spain, Morocco and Colombia. He has been awarded for his work in festivals such as Cannes Lions, El Ojo de Iberoamérica and El Círculo Creativo de México.

“I think I am a film Director. I always try to create unique and adequate atmospheres for each one of the scenes I shoot, being extremely careful about the details in art direction and paying special attention to photography and lighting in the frame; in fact, I studied cinematography for a while and I think it is something that defines me” he said.

He highlighted that it is very important for a Director to know how to define a style. “I think it is the most important thing in a director’s career. We all know how to tell stories, to tell them one way or another depends on each one’s personality, and with experience and knowledge of film techniques, we can all do it. To find the style and know how to imprint it in each one of your projects is more difficult, and that, I believe, is what distinguishes great directors from the rest.”

What the filmmaker finds truly fascinating is to tell a story and give it a personal visual touch. “I enjoy creating something from zero. Starting from a simple idea on a paper, being able to build something tangible is genius. I always say that the creative process is evolutionary, and what I enjoy the most is seeing how a project gradually materializes as you produce it, until we reach the moment to film, when my expectations are usually exceeded. I still feel those butterflies in my stomach when I leave home at 6 am, wondering if everything will turn out as we expected in the shooting.”

He is currently working on several advertising projects in Mexico and abroad. Additionally, he is working on a film script. “We are on the second draft and I hope to have good news about this project next year, if advertising allows me to have some free time, which is what I am lacking lately in life.”

Advertising is currently going through a transitional moment, according to the Director. “Now, clients are obsessed with social media, new formats and immediacy. We are even returning to the 1×1 format. From my point of view, the true impact of social networks and their measurements is still uncertain. I think we are undoubtedly heading towards content in the future. Television is almost obsolete, unless you want to watch TV programs in direct, such as sports events. Today’s user wants to choose what he is going to watch and when” he said to conclude.

Production Company:
Shooters Films, USA
Contact: Stephanie Stockli
T +1-786-351-7228

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