Casamance: The Soundtrack of a Journey


“It doesn’t matter where I’m from, it is where I’m going that matters,” says musician Depedro when people ask about his origins. Depedro’s real name is Jairo Zavala. He is a Spanish singer-songwriter with African and Latin American roots and is also a member of American indie rock band Calexico. During a radio interview with a Spanish DJ the idea arises to seek out the music Depedro heard during his youth.

The journey to Senegal that follows is chock-full of music and rhythms – a trip to the world’s heartbeat. This is where soul, rumba and rock originated. The search for the music of legendary griot (troubadour) Lamine Konte takes Depedro from Dakar to Casamance and features many joint performances or jam sessions with the musicians and dancers he meets. A film you could watch with your eyes shut except then you would miss the riot of color, landscapes and people that this film lovingly portrays.

Movie Details

➤  Category: Documentary
?  Director: Paloma Zapata
  Time: 92 min.
  Year: 2016
?  Country: Spain, Senegal
  Language: English, Spanish, French
?  Type: Feature




September 24, 2017

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