GALFF 2016 Kicks off VIP Reception at the National Center of Human and Civil Rights

Atlanta, (September 08, 2016) – Georgia Latino Film Alliance, the nonprofit film and entertainment nonprofit organization that produces the Georgia Latino Film Festival, will spotlight our Latino filmmakers and give top honors to our Best of the Best awardees. This year’s theme: Together We Are Stronger” The Georgia Latino Film Festival Award winners will be for best picture, script director, actor, actress, rising star director, supporting actor/actress documentary and best web series will be honored at the ceremony, which will be held at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, 100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. Oscar Torre, Best Actor Award for his portrayal of “The Boatman” which also won Best Actress nod to Noemi Dunbar.

In addition to being the celebration that honors artist-driven films made with an economy of means by filmmakers whose films embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision, the “Espiritu Independiente” awards will honor Georgia talent who represent the best of Georgia and the Latino Community in Hollywood, this year recipients are Tony Guerrero Actor and Autumn Baily Ford.

We have a great amount of latino film influencers being part of the film festival, this year over 200 films were submitted and we have chosen the best from Georgia and around the world said Jose Marquez

VIP Reception will also be premiering two films that evening.

Being ñ directed by Denise Soler Cox and Henry Ansbacher
The Enye (ñ) Experience is an interactive, story-driven, multi-platform, documentary project featuring first-person narratives from 1st generation American-born Latinos, also known as Enyes (ñ)s.

Sin Verguenza/Shameless directed by Manolo Travieso written by Jon Molerio of “Ladrones” fame.
As far as con men go, Billetin and Pelucas are hardly “The A-Team”, more like the “C or D-Team.” The kind of guys more suited to rob a Lunch Truck than a Brinks Truck. But like many low level thieves, they have aspirations of making it big someday with the heist of a lifetime. So when they get a tip about a multi-million-dollar mansion whose owner is on vacation, they can’tresist and decide to strip the place of all its valuables. But what they don’t count on is: the owner of the mansion coming home early

The following is a complete list of the winners:

Best Feature: Spare Parts (2015) (Pantelions Films)

Best Director: Sean McNamara, Spare Parts (2015) (Pantelions Films)
Best Screenplay: Writers: Joshua Davis and Elissa Matsueda Spare Parts (2015) (Pantelions Films)
Best Supporting Female: Noemi Dunbar “The Boatman”
Best Supporting Male: Luis Antonio Ramos, “The Stockroom”
Best Female Lead: Ana Ochoa Valdez “Eternal Vendetta”
Best Male Lead: Oscar Torre, “The Boatman”
Director’s Rising Star Award: Victor Cruz, Actor, Producers, Comedian, Director, “The Stockroom”
Georgia Spirit Awards: Tony Guerrero, Actor and Autumn Baily Ford, Producer

Georgia Latino Film Festival VIP Reception
Friday, September 23rd 2016 – 7:00pm -10:30pm
The National Center of Human and Civil Rights
100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
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In honor of Hispanic Heritage month LISTA,The Black Latino Council & The Georgia Latino Film Festival Alliance celebrates its 5th Annual Georgia Latino Film Festival to make sure that Latinos through their films and indies continue to be told in the Hollywood of the South and so we have a place in where Latino film makers, executives and artists at the forefront of the Latino Film industry can come together, to discuss the future of Latino Film Makers, Writers, and Directors. The GALFF has become one of the “fastest growing film festivals in the country –The GALFF is 4 inspiring days filled with premieres, workshops, panels, VIP parties, and awards showcasing the top storytellers and film makers from around the world. We hope this is the place where careers will be born and a whole new community is empowered and we gain a better understanding and experience our rich culture through film.

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