1950: The Nationalist Uprising


Five Puerto Ricans who participated in the Nationalist Uprising of 1950 to free Puerto Rico from the United States of America, speaks about the history of this forgotten struggle and the consequences in their lives. Between October 30 and november 10, 1950, a hundred members of the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico took up arms in eight towns on the island and in Washington, DC with the intention of proclaiming the Republic of Puerto Rico. The nationalists had the courage to fight against the American state- poorly equipped, some without weapons. The feat did not have popular support and was easily crushed by the Police and the National Guard. The insurgents died or were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison. The defeated were hidden away and discredited for what it was: an insurrection.

Ricardo Díaz Díaz, Edmidio Marín, Heriberto Marín and Carlos Padilla were part of this epic. Defenders of the ideal of independence for Puerto Rico and members of the Nationalist Party, came to the call to take up arms. Ricardo Diaz Díaz, came from a family in which all were nationalists, a veteran of the United States Army, was the military instructor of the Liberation Army in the municipality of Arecibo. Heriberto Marín and Edminio Marín, were part of the only group that managed to proclaim the Republic in the region of Jayuya, the last one fought in the insurrection with only 16 years. Carlos Padilla was a university student and member of the civil party of the Nationalist Party, still decided to participate in the insurrection.

Through audiovisual files, animations and the testimonies of five participants who survive the revolutionary feat, the film provides the details of this forgotten struggle and immerse us in the memory of a small group of men who had the audacity to sacrifice their lives and face the most powerful government in the world in the name of freedom. However, the search to fulfill their dreams was marked by repression, violence, betrayals, suffering, loneliness, madness, death, and the present frustration of knowing that they will not see Puerto Rico free, scars that still show in the twilight of their lives, but that have not managed to destroy their characters and ideals.

Movie Details

➤  Category: Documentary
?  Director: José Manuel Dávila Marichal
  Time: 105 min.
  Year: 2017
?  Country: Puerto Rico, United States
  Language: Spanish
?  Type: Feature


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