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Georgia Latino Film Festival 2014 brings the Best in Latino Filmmaking to Georgia

 Sept. 8, 2014 – Atlanta, Georgia.  To ensure that Latino  filmmakers  have a platform  to  network, grow  and promote their work, Jose  Marquez, CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences  and Technology  Association (LISTA), and Lance Robertson, CEO of the Black Latino  Council,  created  the Georgia Latino Film Festival during Hispanic  Heritage Month in 2011.

 “Now in our third year our footprint has expanded exponentially,”  says Marquez. “We have  film submissions from all over the country,  Mexico, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba and Santo Domingo  and see attendees from all over.”

To kick off this year, Georgia Latino Film Festival will hold a special edition red carpet event, gathering  the city’s top Latino influencers in journalism, blogging, marketing, technology and entertainment, networking and musical performances. On Friday we will premiere a new Movie Cuba: “Finding Dad” a film by E. Vincent Martinez. and on Saturday we will premiere 2 New Movies, one from master actor Pepe Serna in “AGuruphobia“,  Kiki Melendez,  present, The Journey of a Female Comic and Musical Performances by Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Seich and Tito Puente Jr. and his Orchestra and many more.

This year we are bringing in a-list Actors and Actress, and the movies will be incredible. For our presenting corporate partners “We will add 15 second in English and Spanish to play throughout the festival and provide them to local main stream, urban and Latino Media with content they can use,” says Robertson. “Plus we form media partnerships so the event will have great coverage and continued growth.”

The Georgia Latino Film Festival provides an opportunity for corporations to target the fastest growing movie-going audience and promote their products and services. Companies and organizations benefits are branded signage and banners, giveaways opportunity such as T-shirts, stickers and other marketing items to help consumers keep their brand in mind.

This Year’s invited guest as well as our talented presenters, i.e.  Mariela Romero, “Vince The Voice” Bailey and Tony Guerrero will bring even greater media, social media and marketing recognition Also Local Latino filmmakers and artists that deserve to be better known will have a chance to be spotlighted,” said Jose Marquez, founder/CEO of the Georgia Latino Film Festival. but most importantly “Through the Georgia Latino Film Festival Student Development Workshops and Programs  we will change the game and give the Georgia Film  Industry the local talent they need in front of and behind  the camera while engaging influential thought leaders to give back to the community.”


Georgia Latino Film Festival

Friday, October 17th -19th 2014

Friday Kick Off Premiere VIP Reception at 6pm

For more information, sponsorship and tickets call: 770-765 3478


About the  Georgia Latino Film Festival

The  Georgia Latino Film festival (GALFF) was founded in 2011, by co-founders Jose Marquez, CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association and Lance Robertson, CEO Robertson Media Group. The GALFF mission is to educate, develop and exhibit the richness of Latino Filmmakers and to promote awareness of the Latino culture, artistry and countries through the film medium. GALFF offers throughout the year workshops, panel, networking reception, and educational programs for students and members of the Georgia Latino Film Industry.

Georgia Latino Film  festival is a non competitive festival however we do recognize the Best Movie Long/Short, Documentary Long/Short, all chosen by the audience. GALFF serves as a place where Latinos film Makers can come together and build their network with industry buyers and distributers.


2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Georgia Latino Film Festival Announces New Members to its 2nd National Advisory Board.

Atlanta, September 1st 2013,  As the Georgia Latino Film Festival looks to expand its reach in terms of audience, diversity and financial support, leaders hope a team of big names from the region and beyond can help.

The new members are people whom Georgia Latino Film Festival staff and board of directors members have consulted in recent years in an informal capacity, GALFF, CO Founder and Executive Director Jose Marquez said.

“We are very interested in seeking the advice of experts in the fields of marketing, cinematic arts, animation, television arts, technology and education, which is what this group represents,” Lance Robertson, Co Founder, GALFF said. “this group of experts will take the Georgia Latino Film Festival to a whole other level.

Dr. Ramona Houston, Fulton County Special Director, Manny Ruiz, CEO Hispanicize, Mariela Romero, Broadcaster Univision, Christopher Escobar, CEO, Atlanta Film Festival, Autumn Bailey-Ford, CEO Autumn Bailey-Ford Entertainment and Productions Bel Hernandez, Latino Heat and Javier Polit, CIO,  Coca Cola, Chairman LISTA.

“Beginning with Dr. Ramona Houston, Manny Ruiz, Christopher Escobar,  Autumn Bailey-Ford and Javier Polit, each of these new advisers has a close connection to our work, and I’m very enthusiastic about naming these wise, out of the box thinkers and continuing to seek their counsel and support,” Robertson said.

The goal is for the national board of advisors to provide valuable connections, ideas, experience and influence for the Georgia Latino Film Festival’s vision, Jose Marquez, GaLFF Co-founder, Executive Director, says  said. Our strategic five-year plan includes maintaining financial sustainability, enhancing stature of our festival and our initiatives and programs, increasing support for Latino Film Artists, Directors and Producers, maintaining a robust scholarship program and a commitment to our vibrant Georgia’s growing Latino community.

Also on Friday, the Georgia Latino Film Festival announced its new and returning members of the board of advisors for 2013-2014, a group that includes 4 new faces and 10 returning members.

Other New Members include Javier Camacho Partner InTouch Financials, Frank Gonzalez,  Partner Nationwide Insurance, Aisah Gayle, LISTA GATC Board member LISTA, Arturo Jones, Cinematographer,

Returning National Advisory Board members are Jose Marquez, GaLFF Co-founder, Executive Director,  Founder, Founder, CEO and President of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association, Lance Robertson, GaLFF Co-Founder and President of Robertson Media Group,  Ray Benitez, Actor, Vince Bailey, CEO, Vince Bailey Productions,  Tony Guerrero, CEO Talento Latino, Yvette Moise, National Director, LISTA, Adrian Bernal, Voice over and Foley Director, John Simmons, COO EVP LISTA, Loveless Johnson, President, MMG Communications Group, Richard H. Jordan, Director of Corporate Relations National Black Arts Festival

Georgia Latino Film Festival

October 11th-13th 2013

Multiple Locations Throughout Georgia

Plaza Theatre 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

More Information: 800-775-0889 or email:



About the Georgia Latino Film Festival (

About GALFF:  The Georgia Latino Film Festival (GALFF) was founded in 2012 by co-founded by Jose Marquez , CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association and Lance Robertson CEO Robertson Media Group. GALFF is a working non-profit 501c (3) organization with the mission to educate and develop and exhibit the richness of Latino filmmakers and to promote and create awareness of the Latin cultures, artistry and countries through film. GALFF also offers industry workshops, panels, networking receptions and educational programs non competitive festival the GALFF does award Best Movie Long/Short and Best Documentary Long/Short, chosen by the audience. GALFF serves as a place where Latino filmmakers can come together and build their network with industry buyers and distributors.

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